Diversity My Butt


Okay. My first problem is this—why on earth is a Caucasian girl complaining about being a victim of affirmative action? Isn’t affirmative action, at least at the top schools, all about keeping a diverse culture, i.e. preventing a yellow/brown takeover, i.e. keeping a white majority? According to dad, the people most hurt by affirmative action, in order: 1) Asian males, 2) white males, 3) Asian females, 4) white females… and then everyone else benefits. I’m just having a hard time believing that Fisher was rejected solely based on her race. I don’t know. Maybe she was. 

What also doesn’t make sense to me is how affirmative action is a liberal cause. Isn’t the liberal manifesto all about equal opportunity, the rights of the individual, etc.? Which would entail every college applicant, no matter black or Asian or Latino or white, is judged equally? Making things unfair to Asians to alleviate the unfairness towards Africans or Latinos doesn’t seem to compute, in that sense.

But I’m also acutely aware of the difference between those who can afford—both financially and time-wise—to take myriad SAT prep classes and travel the world and start businesses and even take AP tests, and those who can’t. Why not bias based on poverty instead of race? Wouldn’t that even things out?

Because using race as a factor “ensure[s] a diverse student body”? Ensures “‘the destruction of stereotypes,’ promot[es] ‘cross-racial understanding’ and prepar[es] students ‘for an increasingly diverse work force and society'”?

Wouldn’t the ultimate “diverse student body” be, what, 20% each of white, Asian, African, Hispanic, and native?

That’s where Fisher’s complaint would make sense to me. But that’s definitely not in practice at top schools, and some would even find it frightening if it were. Maybe because it doesn’t accurately sample the demographics of America itself.

There’s too many factors and complications at work here. Call me selfish, but I’m just going to keep on being sad because I’m handicapped in college admissions just because of the ethnicity I was born with.

Argue with me! What do you think? This is as hot a topic as any…



Isabella – 6/27/16

remembering Alexei.



One thought on “Diversity My Butt

  1. Your sentiment about how colleges should use poverty as a factor rather than race makes a lot of sense. However, we kind of already do that unintentionally. The sad truth is that certain races, i.e those that affirmative action favors, are significantly more prone to being impoverished.

    Regarding what you said about our handicap due to our ethnicity, everyone has a handicaps and everyone has advantages. This inherent fact evens out the admissions process. Or at least that’s what I tell my self in order to soothe my acute hatred towards pitying myself.

    Wahoo for the Supreme Court decision on Fisher vs. UT!! The Supreme Court has given Texas quite a few good rulings recently IMO


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