Days 1&2: Travels & Settling In [Sucre, Bolivia 2016]

Hi friends!

After 22 hours of travel, we finally arrived in Sucre at 8:40am this morning! Praise God for all of us (and our luggage!) arriving safely. There was a small issue at customs (confusion about the eyeglasses we brought for the clinic) but David was able to explain what they were for and we got cleared.

Fun fact: customs in Santa Cruz involves pushing a button—green light means you’re clear! Red light means pain and a thorough check through your luggage. It’s randomized.

At the international airport in Sucre, we met two of our translators, Andrea and Johan. It was about a 45 minute drive to our hotel, where we dropped our stuff. Then we spent a few hours walking around—we ate salteños (incredible empanada-like pastries with soupy filling) at a famous café-like place called El Patio, then walked to ‘downtown’ and visited Simon Bolivar Square (we learned about him in WHAP!), and finally took a heart-pumping hike up to a high point where we could see the whole city.

Back at the hotel around 12:30pm, we had free time to rest. I was out like a cold rock. At 5pm we had a team meeting and training for the eyeglass clinic we’ll be holding—we learned how to test for the right power of reading glasses, what our role will be, etc. Then we met the rest of our translators and the pastors we’ll be working with and had dinner together at a local pizzeria.

Back at the hotel, all of us (translators and pastors included) had a general meeting about the week before splitting off into teams that will serve separate churches. I’m working with Pastor Gaylord to serve the church(es!) of Pastor Fernando. My translator is Carmen, a current university student here. We discussed plans for the week based on Pastor Fernando’s needs and set a basic schedule. We’ll be working with both a ‘mother’ church, and a ‘baby’ church planted by that church, both of which Pastor Fernando runs.

Now I’m writing this and ready to go to bed! I’m having trouble uploading photos—the wifi is really weak—so photos will go up when I get back.


Excited for what God has in store!

Isabella – 7/9/16

remembering Alexei.


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