Day 3: Church! [Sucre, Bolivia 2016]

Hola everybody!

It’s the end of Day 3, our first full day of work with the local churches!

This morning, I ate breakfast (toast with jam) with Pastor Gaylord (PG), Justine, and Timothy. The latter two are a team, and they left together to help with a children’s program at their church. PG and I spent some time talking, working on ministry things (he prepared a sermon for the evening, I familiarized myself with our ministry materials and also helped PG), etc. 

Lunch was at a nearby restaraunt—PG and I met Janie, Lila, and their translators there for a Pique a lo Macho, a hearty dish of fries topped with meat, sliced boiled eggs, tomatos, peppers, and onions.

PG and I met Pastor Fernando and our translators at the hotel at 3pm and drove to the location of the ‘baby’ church. There we met and prayed for the ill wife of the owner of the building the church is held in. Then we met a few members of the church and split into groups to do prayer walking. Carmen (my translator), Marcos (a church member) and I walked around a few neighborhoods and prayed for God’s presence and peace in each area.

Service began at 5pm back at the church building. Pastor Fernando led music worship (he plays guitar! and sings!) for a whole 60 minutes before introducing me and PG, then giving a sermon in both Spanish and Quechua (the ‘native’ language, pre-Spanish colonization).

When service ended around 7pm we drove directly to the location of the ‘mother’ church (that Pastor Fernando also runs) for service at 8pm. Both churches have about 25 members (I think—right now is winter vacation here, and some people are away). The music team was incredible—they led a shorter worship before PG gave his sermon (translated by his good friend and translator Isabel). After service (around 9:45pm) the owner of the place provided bowls of fried chicken, potatos, and rice, and cups of coffee. Over the course of the afternoon/evening we met many people, some familiar to PG from previous trips.

Back at the hotel we touched base with all the other teams before heading to bed. I’m excited for tomorrow, our first day ‘in the field’—going through neighborhoods with church members we met today. Check back for updates tomorrow!



Isabella – 7/10/16

remembering Alexei.


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