Day 4: Starting Evangelism! [Sucre, Bolivia 2016]

Hi everyone!

Day 4, check!

PG and I returned to the ‘baby’ church to begin ministry around its neighborhood. After breakfast, we left at 9am with Pastor Fernando and our translators. At the church we met the nationals (local church members) and split into teams, led by me, PG, and Pastor Fernando. I was in a group with Alejandra (Pastor Fernando’s daughter, adult), Carmen (translator), Alicia (13), and two younger boys. We traveled the same route I took yesterday for prayer walking, which was cool—we visited the homes we’d prayed over!

The idea is for me and PG to show how door-to-door evangelism works (we trained back at home) and train the nationals to do the same, so they can continue the work when we leave. Meanwhile we’ll be there to encourage them. In David’s words, our goal is to become completely useless by the last day—the nationals should be leading the effort.

At each home we knocked, asked if they’d like to hear a story about Jesus. If they said no we invited them to our eyeglass clinic at the church tomorrow to get fitted for free reading glasses (we invited anyone we saw on the streets too). If they said yes we’d share the Gospel, ask if they’d like to accept Jesus or if they’d like to hear more first—then led them in the salvation prayer and/or shared our testimony or a Bible story. If there were sick people or problems in the household we’d pray for them specifically. We’d end by filling out a tract with their info so the nationals can come back and follow up with them/share more about Christ/disciple them, etc.

I think my heart got a good workout from nervous adrenaline at the first door. I wasn’t sure if my training had ‘prepared’ me enough, if the person would be receptive, if I could do everything ‘right’… As the day went on God really gave me courage and peace of mind, and I could feel him in this warmth after each sharing. The nationals had trained some before today so they were able to take things over quickly, and eventually we were sort of taking turns on houses. People we met were curious and really receptive.

Another thing—the nationals who showed up to minister with us. There were several very old women who only spoke Quechua, and they were *adorable*/made me really happy, because they gave their time and energy to be with us. Same with the kids—they showed remarkable maturity and the two boys with me were very energetic in sharing Christ with people. The whole day was an encouragement to me, and it’s the first of four…

Looking forward to a great week!



Isabella – 7/11/16

remembering Alexei.


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