Day 8: Auf wiedersehen, goodbye! [Sucre, Bolivia 2016]

Hi friends!

Greetings from the Santa Cruz airport!

Today was full and bursting with fun, happiness, goodbyes, and sadness. It was a more relaxed day—the morning was salteñas at El Patio again (for breakfast!), then a trip to a different high place where we could see all of Sucre. It was a different vantage point from Sunday, and this time we had translator Esteban point out where in the city each of us had served—where each church was. We took lots of group pictures, then had a time of prayer together for Sucre and its people and all the churches we’re leaving behind. 

Then it was back to the plaza for shopping and frolicking… Carmen and I had a grand time tumbling around and eating chocolate. Back to the hotel at 2:30pm for a final lunch together (fried chicken and fries), and final goodbyes to the translators before we headed to the airport. I’m going to miss Carmen so much, simply put. She’s an incredible, witty soul and just a joy to be around… We exchanged some gifts and we’re definitely going to keep in touch.

It was a short, one hour flight to Santa Cruz at 6:50pm. Now we’re waiting here for our 2:22am flight to Panama City. I imagine I’ll have plenty of time to think about the week and process some things I’ve learned.


Isabella – 7/15/16

remembering Alexei.


One thought on “Day 8: Auf wiedersehen, goodbye! [Sucre, Bolivia 2016]

  1. Thank you Isabella for sharing your mission journey with us. I’m really touched and encouraged to see His work through and within you.


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