There were several words that for the life of me I could never learn to spell. One of them was consience. Conshinse? *excuse me while I do a quick Google* Con-science. THAT’S what it is. I would think, con. Science. Con. Science. The science of con. Like a con-

artist! Apollo Robbins is a famous pickpocket. I watched his TED Talk, it was one of the first I ever watched, I think. It might have been in speech class with Ms. Musci. He has this funny hat and OH YEAH! This cool trick where you don’t know what the bottom-left app of your phone’s first screen is. Because your brain only stores the important information,

like how the garbage men vaccuum up ‘useless’ memories in Inside Out, in long-term memory! That was a brilliant movie. I watched it for the second time a few Friday’s ago at youth group. It was worse the second time. I’m still not sure if there’s an

apostrophe before “s” in Fridays or Friday’s. Because I read an article once about how we use apostrophes way more often than we should, grammatically, like how on Christmas cards people are like “Greetings from the Smith’s!” when it really should be “Smiths”. So it’s kind of ruined for me now; I look at these things and

my toenail is throbbing right now. My left index toenail, if that makes sense. I also lost one of the foot-shaped toenail clippers I bought from BookPeople on that seventh grade field trip. That’s irritating. I’m wondering if I should go soak my toes in epsom salt again instead of

magnesium sulfate? Is that what it is? Yeah, magnesium sulfate is its real name. The stuff is magical, to a degree. Even if it doesn’t really work, at least it’s like placebo. All that matters is lessening the pain, right? Write? I did Do the Write Thing in eighth grade and Ms. Mosher hugged me when she told me I won in our school, and Ms. McGrath had her big DSLR in the hallway and tried to take a picture of us, but it was too late.

Yeah, I had this mental debate the other day about the merits of taking pictures at important or special events versus the annoyance this causes at the actual event. Actually, I think I was actually talking to someone about this. Pastor Gaylord, maybe? Cause at Jimmy and Sonya’s wedding, Sean was hopping around and took some excellent photos but I could see people–the bridesmaids and groomsmen and Jimmy and Sonya, even, getting distracted discreetly posing for the pictures during the vows… and the rings… and more. I

really need to

forgot where I was going with that. Have you ever walked into the kitchen, or something, and immediately forgotten what you came there for? I have. Also, I’m certain that when I was five or so, I was standing in the foyer of our old house–God, I miss our old house–and heard God say, “Hi.” It was mystical. Like when Mom’s shoes disappeared to (am I a prophet, then?) someone found them in a bush in our front yard. Wild animal, maybe?

Not sure what my feelings are about Pokemon Go. I’ve had this bad habit of disliking things because they’re mainstream. Maybe I should wear tie-dye and peace signs. Is that hippie or hipster? Which is the non-mainstream one? I know about hippies from researching Vietnam-War-era America. Not sure what to do about the hyphens in that one.

schmoooooo… I’m

breathing conciously now. breathing conshisly.




Have a nice day,

Isabella – 8/9/16

remembering Alexei.


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