Austin Street Humans

And… we’re live!


Many of you know that I’m interested in journalism and the power of stories. Some of you also know that I’ve been volunteering with Mission: Possible! Austin and other homeless organizations over the past semester, spending time with homeless people in Austin and pursuing a better understanding of such a complicated issue.

I’m incredibly excited to announce the public launch of Austin Street Humans, a medium combining in-depth journalism and personal insights to explore what it means to live without a home in Austin.

It’s a project of three parts:
1) Stories: the full stories of homeless individuals.
2) Blog: my personal journey in investigating homelessness as a condition and also as a population comprised of individual people.
3) #shareyourstory: a place for homeless people to share their stories directly, and for anyone to share any stories of interactions with homeless people.

If you’d like to learn about homelessness with me, I hope you’ll like, follow, and share the Facebook page and check out/subscribe to the website. If you’d like to contribute to furthering a city-wide understanding of homelessness, I hope you’ll consider having conversations with people experiencing homelessness, and/or sharing your experiences to this project.

Thank you for your support!

Learn more:
(like this page! like this page! I’m an annoying YouTuber! subscribe and follow!

^^ Guys, webdev is hard. I definitely spent sixty hours over winter break and up until now just building the website and uploading the content from the semester. Pleassseee check it out. Or else I will be sad and feel like that work was wasted. Not the actual conversations and experiences—the 60 hours spent making the website pretty and all the stories accessible to the public, so the impact can be beyond me. Pleaseeeee ok thank you y’all are the best.)


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