Days 1&2: Travels & Orientation [Sucre, Bolivia 2017]

Hey everyone!

I’m writing from my bedroom, shared with Janie and Tanya, at the same hostel we rented last year.

We made it!

We survived a trip totalling about 25 hours from the Austin airport to landing in Sucre. One cool thing: before we left Austin-Bergstrom, we ate for free at a restaurant called Wok and Roll. The lady who owns it is in out church’s Mandarin congregation, and she’d arranged it as a surprise (that PG inevitably leaked out). So we had a good first meal together as a team, feeling blessed by her support.

Austin to Houston, Houston to Panama City, Panama City to Santa Cruz, a 6-hour layover, and finally from Santa Cruz to Sucre. I was able to get some work done along the way, and also have some very good conversations about faith, feminism, careers, even movies, with team members (e.g. Tina and Josh). All in all, a pretty uneventful (in a good way) trip.

We arrived in Sucre around 11am (EST), and promptly met Johan, Marco, and Isa. We loaded two minivan-busses, and in mine, we told riddles the whole way into downtown Sucre. We checked into the hostel and went to our rooms to rest a little, before Isa and Johan brought us some yucca cheese bread and cookies for lunch (saltenerias were out of salteñas!).

Most of our translators had arrived at the hostel by 3… including Carmen! We had a joyful reunion filled with lots of friendly banter and catching up. After meeting and greeting and talking for a while, we all headed over to a mini community/conference center, where we met the pastors (hi, Pastor Fernando!). We sang some songs, David talked about vision for the week, and we spent time planning in each individual church group. Then we ate dinner (delicious, chicken & potatoes & salad). We’re back at the hostel now, ready to go to bed, excited for the next six days.

Thanks for your support! Come back tomorrow for more updates.



Isabella – 7/8/17

remembering Alexei.


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