Day 4: Evangelism^2 [Sucre, Bolivia 2017]

Hola amigos!

Today was a full day of door-to-door evangelism with the nationals.

Breakfast and headed to church like yesterday. We had a short prayer and PG explained vitamin stuff, then we broke into 4 groups and went on separate routes. Carmen and I worked with Erminia and her children. We talked to several families—several were Catholic and unswerving, others were unable to go to church because of health and wanted to attend a church before deciding on Christianity, etc.

Lunch was very good, as expected (surprise 2-course meal, meaning I thought the soup w/ pasta was the real deal, and then they brought out plates of rice&beef&potatoes…) Then, a time of rest and playing with the kids. Silas and Josue played basketball with the kids, then PG pulled stunts, Marco and I tried to teach them the cup song, etc.

The afternoon was like the morning, except Erminia was busy and two new sisters joined us. Met all kinds of people, and gave out vitamins, invited people to the eyeglass clinic Wednesday. Similar kinds of challenging conversations, dealing with difficult situations and questions.

We had tea, then headed back—we stopped at an old church and climbed to the bellfry, where we could see all over the rooftops of Sucre. Soooo beautiful. I’ll put up pictures later. Then dinner was DELICIOUS pizza, and now I’m writing this 🙂

I think one of the takeaways so far is that I’m being pushed in my ability to handle tough conversations, and learning a lot about my own faith subsequently. For example, I hadn’t given much real thought to the differences between Catholicism and Protestantism until we were sharing the Gospel with Catholics (devoted and name-only alike). How would I explain the differences and pray for their understanding, kindly? Is it enough that they have Jesus? I’m really glad that people aren’t just passively ‘accepting’ Jesus, because I think that doubt and/or intense questioning is important for there to be more meaning when someone prays the salvation prayer. It means they’ve thought it through, and God’s helped them through that time in some way, so that when they accept Jesus they mean it from their heart.

Also, one thing to pray for is for more nationals to show up at my team’s church (Gracia Divina), since there weren’t many people evangelizing with us. About 2 people per sub-subteam, so 8-ish in total. The whole point of this trip is for us to be training nationals to carry on this work once we leave, so the more people able to come, the better.

Looking forward to another good and exhausting day!



Isabella – 7/10/17

remembering Alexei.



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