Day 5: Discipleship + Training [Sucre, Bolivia 2017]

Hola chicos,

Quick update, because I’m very tired (and also typing slowly b/c I shredded my middle finger on a razor in my bag… long story).

Today was another full day of evangelism/discipleship, then training. This morning, I went with Sister Ermenia and her kids out into the neighborhoods again. We were ‘supposed’ to go a different way from yesterday, but I wanted to follow up with a couple new believers from yesterday first. First, we visited Pamela’s house, but she wasn’t home. We did find Helen though, and went through a mini discipleship lesson with her (as an example for Ermenia to refer to when she does this on her own). Then, what was really cool was that another family member noticed us, and asked us to share whatever we were sharing with her cousin. Her household has two believers now, and we were able to give them a Bible and some passages to read/reflect on. Muy bien.

We returned to Pamela’s house, and she still wasn’t there, but we ended up sharing the gospel with the woman who answered the door—a relative of Pamela, named Claudia. She became a believer…! It was very cool to invest in individual households in this way. We did some more door-to-door evangelism, with Ermenia doing basically all the work (which is good). It was a morning well spent, and lunch was DELICIOUS like usual (soup, then pasta with beef and potatoes).

In the afternoon, we held a training for the nationals specifically on discipleship. The hope was that they were able to see discipleship in action in the morning, then receive some formal training on how to do it themselves. We’ll be able to put it into practice on Thursday. During the training, PG first talked through the methods and 6 questions to ask (what did you learn about God? people? etc.). Then we split into groups to practice, and me and Carmen went one-on-one with Anabel. She asked lots of good questions about how to approach certain things, whether stories of hope and stories for growth can be interchanged, etc. It was a really good time to get to know her and invest in her, because she clearly has a passion for the gospel and for her faith, evident in her help on Sunday and through her curiosity today.

After the training, we headed back to the hostel. Played Banangrams, sorted glasses, etc., then went to dinner. These INCREDIBLE burgers (notice how I only seem enthusiastic about food)—mine had avacados, thread-like fries, bacon on top of the patty. We went to ice cream afterwards, and now I’m writing this!

Several quick thoughts at the end of this not-so-quick blog post. 1) I never realized how far-reaching American influence is until I saw Frozen-themed buckets and backpacks inside so many dirt homes—the blonde, ice-blue, copper-red, and dark green spots of color in the interiors of red-brown dust. 2) God can really use children. Not just the youth on my team, but especially the children at Gracia Divina. They were the most excited out of anyone to learn about discipleship, they’ve been true delights to interact with, it’s made me so proud to see some of them sharing the Gospel with strangers with enthusiasm. Misael, Juan-Pablo, Sara, Maurisio, etc… some of them actually became believers today, making their right-away work all the more significant. 3) I was a little disappointed to see even fewer nationals show up today than yesterday, but, as PG put it, that allows us to pour into fewer people more deeply. Depth over breadth, sometimes, is an alright modus operandi.

With that, I’m gonna say goodnight. Looking forward to a day of eyeglass clinic-ing!



Isabella, 7/11/17,

remembering Alexei.


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