Austin Street Humans

And… we’re live!


Many of you know that I’m interested in journalism and the power of stories. Some of you also know that I’ve been volunteering with Mission: Possible! Austin and other homeless organizations over the past semester, spending time with homeless people in Austin and pursuing a better understanding of such a complicated issue.

I’m incredibly excited to announce the public launch of Austin Street Humans, a medium combining in-depth journalism and personal insights to explore what it means to live without a home in Austin. Continue reading


One of Many Faces

There are the ragged faces of those who are bitter about it, shoving through your eyes in search of weakness—

there are those who are so ravaged by it that they are nearly still to all emotion—

and there is the plaintive face of the girl, no older than twenty, wrapped in a thin white blanket.

Padding in dreamlike motion across, across at the metro station. Continue reading