Bra Fitting

Early November


I got a bra fitting for the first time last Sunday.

Hey, I’m 16 years old and I’ve always kinda joked that my chest is too small to need a bra anyway. I’ve more than survived on ‘training’ bras and bralettes. I guess that looking at enough girls at Westlake High School, models on Instagram, fashion sites; breasts that look good have a roundness that you can really only get with padding. Besides, everyone has real bras; no, everyone has bras, and I’m the only teenager in her right mind that has never hooked one before.

My mom is very supportive of my transitioning (from Asian to white). Continue reading


On Shaving, pt. 2

I wrote “Smooth” as part of a collection I’m working on about Asian-American-ness. Actually, I workshopped it at the New England Young Writers’ Conference a few weeks ago; the conference required workshop pieces to be one page, max, or I probably would have expanded it.

Anyway, when I wrote it back in March, I was hunched (unhealthily, I guess) over my laptop, sitting cross legged on my bed, remembering when this actually happened (i.e, my mother touching my legs the first time I shaved). I meant to make it creepy, weird, because that’s how I felt—completely creeped out and weirded out. Continue reading

On Shaving, pt. 1


The lack of light was striking—I bore my eyes to the cool air, staring forward into the ceiling. The blackness was oily and flowed into my ears. I sucked in the damp, summery fresh-shower scent as my mom crawled onto my bed. Suddenly her cool and rubbery fingers pricked my kneecap, then pressed down my shin and trailed upwards to my thigh.

“Whoah, so smooth…” her voice tangy and thick like strawberry puree, coolness smoothing down my leg, tracing up the shin. “No hair!” she murmured. Her fingertips slid down, up, down.
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